Bathtub Beach Reef

1585 SE MacArthur Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996 




This is the last Beach dive site located on Hutchinson Island and by far the most popular snorkel and dive site around. There is a large beach with plenty of parking, facilities and lifeguards.On the inside of the bathtub basin, the depth is only two feet, and very difficult if not impossible to swim over the reef to the other side. The reef is exposed at low tide and care should be taken to avoid walking on it. This reef is alive and easily damaged by foot traffic. To access the outside, plan your dive around high tide, walk about a hundred and fifty feet past the south end of the beach and wade in, snorkel to the south until you can see an opening through the reef. The second and third reefs are excellent and are within 150 feet from the shore. The reef structure builds to the south. There is an excellent lobstering, spearfishing and tropicals. The Reef starts and 3 foot and slopes to a max depth of 21 foot.

Check out the Martin county beachcam.

Courtesy of Scuba Steve Wood - PADI Instructor extraordinaire

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