Bryn Mawr Beach

22661 NE ocean Blvd


This location is a continuation of the narrow ledge system that starts around Jensen Beach. About 200 to 300 yards offshore, this location should only be attempted by strong swimmers. Expect a 20 minute swim out to the reef and consider a kayak or DPV. This site has some of the best structure in the area and is also one of the biggest and widest reefs around. The ledges here spread out much wider than other areas and start in 15 foot. If you see sand dollars you have gone too far. Large concrete I-beams have been dropped here providing excellent structure for wildlife, great spearfishing and lobstering. North and south bound currents have been observed here and should be taken into account when planning a dive.

Courtesy of Scuba Steve Wood - PADI Instructor extraordinaire

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