Georges Valentine Wreck


House of Refuge at Gilbert's Bar


This is an old Coastal rescue station which has been turned into a museum.

The George Valentine was crafted in 1869 and met its demise when it sank in October 1904. A victum of a storm, her remain now sits about 150 yards offshore straight out from the first outcrop of rocks, south of the last remaining house of refuge. This "screw streamer"  was driven ashore by gale force winds.

The parking is limited and recommended to use the south side of the house. This is an old coastal rescue station which is been turned into a museum. Use extreme caution in this area since there are rocky cliffs on the beach and submerged rocks in the water. Don't dive on days with surge or waves. It is a good area to see tropical fish.

Courtesy of Scuba Steve Wood - PADI Instructor extraordinaire

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