Diving the Lighthouse Reef in Belize

Located on the Eastern side of the Carribean, Belize is home to the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. Belize is english speaking and has it all, from amazing jungles to the bluest of waters. The barrier reef runs along 185 miles of the coastline and is incredibaly healthy. It is a diving paradise that you will not want to leave this beautiful clear water where visablility is hundreds feet down.

Diving the Lighthouse Reef

Lighthouse reef is the second and furthermost atoll east of Belize and contains the Great Blue Hole. It is also known as the healthiest and best developed reef in the Caribbean Sea. This area is itself is fantastic for freediving, snorkeling and scuba exploration.

The great blue hole is a giant sinkhole in the very center of Lighthouse reef. It is over 300 meters across and around 108 meters deep. Because of the depth, the lack of sunlight prevents coral on the walls and bottom. Even though there are few fish in this spot it still is a incredible sight to behold and there are some sharks have been known to hangout in this area.

PADI has a excellent site for more information to this popular dive destination

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