Diving the Treasure Coast in Florida


stuart florida is great for shore diving

The treasure coast has a lot of great reef shore diving spots for scuba divers, freedivers and snorkeling. Most places are a easy swim to the reef and the tropical scenery is great when it is high visibility. For instance at Bathtub beach the reef is walking distance from shore.

Why the name Treasure Coast?

The Treasure Coast is located on the Atlantic side of Florida and begins at the coast of Martin County and extends to Indian River. Some consider Palm Beach county to be part of the treasure coast. It is named for the huge amount of sunken treasure from spanish ships that sank in this once heavily traded area. In fact, the famed treasure hunter, Mel Fisher, treasure hunting business was based in the Vero beach area.


Bathtub Beach is on Hutchinson Island. Hutchinson island is on the mid south coast of Florida in Martin County (Stuart). This location is the start of a reef that stretches up to Fort Pierce, Fl and the Pepper Park area. It even has an old Spanish ship wreck, the Urca De Lima. Most all of these dives sites are easily accessible from the shore.


Deep dives

Although the Shore dives are really good in the Treasure Coast area Deep dives are not as good as further south. For some spectacular drift diving, you need to visit the West Palm Area where there are a lot of great wreck dives. If you never have tried drift diving this is something you have to really try. The ship takes you south and picks you up north. The current is usually very strong an requires almost no effort when in the water, just get neutral buoyancy and speed along. The amount of wrecks that make up the artificial reef is astonishing. You should really go with a group that is used to this type of dive to enjoy it the most.

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